Culture revitalization

Geoponcture will not change the world, but it certainly will contribute…

Menhirs are directed and polarized stones, arranged specifically on disturbed terrestrial locations. They channel the telluric energy from the depths of the Earth and celestial energy from the sky.
The menhirs balances these two energies in order to treat a building or a plantation plot to boost crops growth and resistance, and generally improve the vitality of living beings within the range of the stone.

The setting up of a menhir requires a specific geobiological work in order to be truly effective. This ancient times Tradition is still being used today. Since 1999, and according to the rule book, F. Gallet implants menhirs, mainly on vine plots, orchards and berry crops.

This technique is beneficial to crops as long as the menhir is in place on the land – those of our ancestors remained in place for more than four thousand years.
Menhirs set up by F. Gallet weigh 2000 to 10000 lbs and are a safe and sustainable alternative to chemicals and GMOs.
Geobiological correction vine 1Geobiological correction vine 2
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Some of our achievements

menhir par F.Gallet

menhir XPEO

menhir prairie menhir culture plants sous serre
Menhir for agricultural use (land) Menhir for agricultural use (greenhouses)
menhir à vocation agricole pour l'élevage bovin menhir Thalie
Menhir for agricultural use (cattle rearing)  Menhir for agricultural use (viticulture)